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IF I COULD ONLY CHOOSE A FEW it’d be these ones. Why? I thought you’d never ask:

Hydrate Me Gradual Tanning Lotion- The smell, the consistency, and the purpose are all 10/10 from me. Since I have a relatively olive skin tone I can get away with applying this to my spray tans every few days to “build” it a little deeper, as well as hydrating my skin (key to a great tan). Get two birds stoned at once ya know. My fair-er clients love this as a subtle tanning lotion that is a bit more fool-proof than our Express Mousse or Colour Me Dark original.

Buff Me Mitt- If you’ve followed us for a while you know this is one of my favourite products and always will be. Whether I’m prepping for a fresh spray tan, or removing one I’m finished with I will not use anything else. There is nothing more satisfying than stripping away dead skin to unveil your new fresh stuff (insert lizard lady emoji).

Express Mousse- As you know, I can’t spray tan myself so more often than not I am left to fend for myself and mousse up everything Wednesday/Thursday evening. I am an independent woman, minus Alex getting my back. Love this product.

Powder Me Sparkle Dust- quick question what is a spray tan without sparkle dust? I don’t know either. You girls walking out bra-less smelling like a french vanilla cake and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


xo AP

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